Where are performances held?

Performances are generally held at local theaters and area schools.

Is attendance at performances mandatory?

Definitely YES. There will be no absenteeism during performances. 

How much is tuition?

Fees are approximately as follows:

Camps: $75-$275
Jr. Musical: $225
Plays: $175
Benefit Concert: $100
Main Stage Musical/Concert: $225
Workshops: varied

What does my tuition cover?

Tuition helps cover the cost of mounting a production such as royalties, venue fees, director, technical assistants, insurance, costumes, cast party, etc. Actors are responsible for purchasing their own shoes, tights and undergarments as needed.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, we at Rose Children’s Theatre want the arts to be accessible to all children. As such, some partial scholarships are available. Please fill out the Scholarship Application during the registration process. We follow the same financial guidelines for scholarships as schools do for free and reduced lunch. We also consider personal circumstances and hardships when awarding scholarships.

What about rehearsals?

Most cast members will rehearse 3-4 hours per week (the larger the part, the more rehearsal needed). The last 3 weeks of rehearsal are mandatory for everyone. 

Seems like a lot of rehearsals? Do I have to be there every night?

No, but everyone in the cast will rehearse at least 2 times per week for 1-2 hours each time. There may be some flexibility with schedule conflicts or prior commitments up until three weeks prior to opening. All schedule conflicts must be handed in at auditions and after that, NO new conflicts will be accepted. 

When will we know if we are cast?

If you are considered for a lead or major role you will be asked to come to CALLBACKS for another audition. 

What if I’m not called back for “call backs”?

If you are not called back IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU DIDN’T GET A PART! Not everyone auditioning will get called back for a second audition. 

How will I find out if I’m cast or not?

The cast list will be posted on our website. 

I found out I was cast, now what do I do?

You will need to follow the directions on the website and either accept or decline your part. Here is some good advice from the director. Accept any part you are given and feel proud of yourself. 

How are shows Cast?

Shows are cast in a variety of ways.  Almost every director has their own way of casting.  You don’t have to audition to be in our Junior Musical but if you would like a special part, you typically will audition in a group audition. That means that everyone auditioning is in the room and participates in the audition. Other shows might require you to learn a song or memorize a monologue and then you will audition by yourself in front of a group of directors. When the directors choose actors for the parts, they take many things into consideration. Does the person look the part? Can the person sing in the range of the part?  Sometimes a directors previous experience with an actor comes into play – as in the actor may have demonstrated themselves to be a great listener/hard worker in a previous show.  No single factor determines casting. Directors are also looking to have a balanced cast – They try to have a broad range of ages and try to strike a balance between boys and girls. It is a complicated process. It takes hours for a director to choose their cast. The best thing you can do is accept your part and do your very best. If you want to know what you can improve for the next audition, check in with your director after the show is done. You can bet they will give you some great feedback!

What about our first meeting?

The first meeting is mandatory for ONE PARENT (GUARDIAN, if applicable)/CAST MEMBER(S). You will receive important information regarding Rose Children’s Theatre’s expectations. 

What are rehearsals like?

Rehearsals begin with an ALL CAST read-through. After that, the director determines the rehearsal schedule. Not everyone will be required to rehearse each day. 

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! Volunteers are an essential part of any Rose Children’s Theatre production. One of our goals is to involve parents in their children’s theater experience. This also helps build community and provide services to our organization that would otherwise require payment. All of our needs cannot be met by tuition and ticket sales alone. To make this a truly outstanding experience for all involved, there will be specific volunteer requirements for parents of children cast in a production.

Are there opportunities for me if I don’t get cast?

If you do not get cast, don’t give up! Keep trying! Enroll in our Jr. Musical, summer camps or a workshop. Then come back for another audition!

 I registered my child for an RCT activity and I haven’t heard a thing. Did you get my registration?

Yes we probably did. We are a mostly parent/volunteer run organization. Our email and registrations are checked probably twice a week – more frequently as an activity approaches. Voicemails probably once weekly. Email is probably your most efficient form of communication with us. We apologize for any delays and we do take your registrations and concerns very seriously.


For further information see:

Participant Handbook

Parent Contract

Photography and Videography Release Form

Rose Children’s Theatre Cast Liability Waiver